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We are the leading company in the mold inspection industry. Simple Mold Inspection is one among a few companies that provide only mold testing services. After being in partnership with a local restoration franchise, we became aware of a very crucial issue. The problem was that the people inspecting the properties were the same individuals responsible for resolving them. It is hard to imagine the huge conflict of interest arising from this kind of situation. As soon as we agreed to sever our connections from the restoration process, our clients started to value our service.

We employ a business model in which we put customer satisfaction and excellent service above all other things. With a good independent service provider, it is almost impossible to receive a quick response especially during the day when he is working in the field. Perhaps you’ll take comfort in knowing that our customer representatives are always standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure there’s always someone to help you.

Our system of checks and balances, often lacking among independent service providers, help ensures that our inspectors only deliver satisfactory services to you. If we hear any complaint from our clients or find out that one of our inspectors is not up to the standard, we see no problem in dismissing him.

It is always our goal to provide as much relevant information about indoor mold growth as possible. In general, there are two types of view concerning molds, either they are harmful or harmless. In fact, molds can be either of these and we want to help you identify the true mold condition of your home or business by providing you an efficient mold inspection service.

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